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Don't you think it's time?

Become the Alpha you are meant to be!

We help men who have hit a few bumps in the road of life take their balls back
and return to the Legendary Alpha they know they truly are.



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In today's society masculinity is absolutely vilified. If you act masculine there's a faction of people that see you as a threat, or as the problem in society. In the US, households with both parents raising the children is less than 25%. 81% of single parent homes are led by the mother and 75% of public-school teachers are female.

There are millions of US boys who have no masculine influence in their life at all. The problem isn't too much masculinity, it's the exact opposite. We need to accept our roles in society as the masculine figure and embrace it. It's not enough to be masculine, we need to become the alpha's we were designed to be to train the next generation of men.

​A select few will see the need to become legendary. The world needs us.



  • Sick of being disrespected?

  • ​Do you want to stop being a people pleaser?

  • Tired of feeling like shit mentally & physically?

  • ​Do you need a total mental shift to go from beta to Alpha?



Our company was built to support men.  We design men’s apparel and products as well as coach men to become the best alpha version of themselves they can be.

In today's society men, especially masculine men, are blamed for everything.  The truth is masculinity is needed now more than ever.  The problem isn’t too much masculinity, it’s a lack of it.  Masculinity has been turned into a dirty word over the last 20 years or so.  It’s time to stop denying that masculinity is a requirement for a healthy society.

Sadly, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.  It’s as true today as when Henry David Thoreau wrote it.  It takes action to keep from falling into this trap.  Going through day after day, week after week barely surviving life is no way to live.  Sadly, the average US adult male has 3 or less friends, no one to speak to about accomplishments or problems, and doesn’t have much more in life than work. 

Simply being masculine just isn't enough.  If men want to be successful in life, business, relationships, raising children, and being a positive role model in society we need to be the alphas we were designed to be.  The problem is society is so in need of positive masculine energy that being an alpha may not be enough. 


We need men whose alpha energy is contagious, which influences the men around them, and perpetuates the truth that alpha energy is extremely positive.  These men will be legendary. 

Becoming a legendary alpha requires time and commitment.  Our opinion is legendary alphas live their lives according to the 4 pillars.  These are living your life as an adventure, having a battle to fight, protecting your lady/family, and serving your community.  When men live their lives with the 4 pillars front of mind, they start to transform themselves into confident and assertive leaders. 


We coach men to give them the tips to become the legendary alpha they know they deserve to be.  Instead of guessing, making mistakes, and taking years to possibly become an alpha we help men collapse timeframes and become the legendary alpha they were always designed to be. 

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